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Acta Medica Medianae
Vol. 41
No 5, 2002
UDK 61
YU ISSN 0365-4478


Milena Veljkovic
Medical Center "Nis" in Nis



Milena Veljkovic, Zoran Pop-Trajković, Vekoslav Lilić and Jasmina Popović


Medical Center "Nis" in Nis and Gynecological-Obstetric Clinic of the Clinic Center, Nis


The use and efficiency of the postcoital contraception as an urgent procedure in preventing the generation ofundesired pregnancy - as a consequence ofunprotected coitus during the fertile days of the menstrual cycle - are analyzed as well as the presence of side effects ofthis type ofcontraception, its importance and perspective.


Key words: Postcoital contraception, urgent procedure, undesired pregnancy