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Acta Medica Medianae
Vol. 42
Number 4, Oktobar, 2003
UDK 61
YU ISSN 0365-4478


Laboratory for electromagnetic radiation
Faculty of occupational safety - University in Nis
Carnojeviceva 10a,
18000 Nis


Medical aspects and harmful effects of 50Hz electromagnetic filed  on biological sistems


Dejan Krstić*, Boris Đinđic**, Gordana Kocić*** , Dejan Petković*, Stojan Radić** and Dušan Sokolović***

Faculty of occupational safety - University in Nis

Institute of Pathophysiology, Medical Faculty-University in Nis
Institute of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty-University in Nis


Exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) with extremely low frequency (ELF) of 50Hz is very frequent nowadays. All frequency range of these fields are called electromagnetic smog.

The aim of this experimental investigation was determination of ELF EMP influence on animals behaviour, reproductive ability and oxidative stress as possible biological marker for EMP exposition.

Wistar rats 4 months old were divided in experimental (4 female and 6 male animal) and control group (4 female and 5 male). The experimental group was 45 days  exposed to an electromagnetic field frequency 50 Hz, magnetic induction B=48 mT and intensity of electric field of E=50 V/m. Fertility is measured by number of newborn and biological effects were determined by observation of individual and collective behavior. Determination of increased oxidative stress was measured by quantity of malondialdehyde in brain homogenate.

Aggresive behavior and visible panic reaction, desorientation and anxiosity were registred in experimental group. Increased oxydative stress was measured by significantly higher concentration of malondialdehyde in brain homogenate of experimental animals (4,890,65 nmol/mg prot. vs. control 2,720,42 nmol/mg prot., p<0.01). Impaired fertility was manifested throught unsucessfull pregnancy of experimental animals.

Exposition to ELF EMF induces disorders of central nervous sistem functions, increasing oxydative stress and impaired reproductive functions.


Key words: electromagnetic field, lipid peroxidation, brain, behavior