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Acta Medica Medianae
Vol. 42
Number 4, Oktobar, 2003
UDK 61
YU ISSN 0365-4478


Dušica Stojanović
Institut za zaštitu zdravlja
Braće Tasković 50, 18000 Niš
Srbija i Crna Gora
Tel.: 018/333-587
E-mail: dusica.s@EUnet.yu


Dušica Stojanović1 , Miomir Stojanović2 , Rade Čukuranović2 i Svetislav Kostić2

Institut za zaštitu zdravlja u Nišu1
Institut za nefrologiju i hemodijalizu Kliničkog centra u Nišu2

The aim of this study was to ascertain the nutritional status of patients with Balkan (Endemic) Nephropathy (BEN) on maintenance hemodialysis (HD). The specimen of examines included 14 patients with BEN and 178 patients with another diagnosis on hemodialysis in
Institute of Nephrology and Hemodialysis, Clinical Center Nis in 2002. Body mass index (BMI) of male patients with BEN was 25.75.0 kg/m2; normal body weight was present in 66.7% of cases and obese in 33.3% of cases. BMI of female patients with BEN was 24.54.3 kg/m2; malnutrition was present in 12.5% of cases, normal body weight in 50.0% and obese in 37.5% of cases. Anthropometric indexes (BMI, lean body mass, body height, relative body weight, biceps, triceps, subscapular and iliac skinfold thickness, as well as, percent of body fat, mid-armcircumference and mid-arm muscle circumference) of another HD patients was slight lower thenHD patients with BEN, but differences was not statistically significant. Acta Medica Medianae2003:42(4):17-21.

Key words: nutritional status, Balkan endemic nephropathy, hemodialyses