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Acta Medica Medianae
Vol. 45
Number 2, April, 2006
UDK 61
YU ISSN 0365-4478


Rade R. Babić
Institute of Radiology Clinical Center
48 Dr Zoran Djindjic Street
18000 Nis, Serbia

Copyright 2006 by Faculty  of Medicine, University of Nis


 Rade R. Babić

Institute of Radiology Clinical Center of Nis

Laza K. Lazarevic mas born on the 13th of May in 1851. He died on the 11th of January in 1891 in Belgrade. Laza K. Lazarevic mas a Serb, jurist, warrior, doctor and writer. He  studied medicine in Berlin and law in Belgrade. He took part in the Serbian-Turkish war and the Serbian-Bulgarian war. He published seventy-two professional and scientific papers on medicine. He gave some explanations on the appearance of pain in sciatica. He wrote nine short stories. He is an Associate Member of the Serbian Royal Academy. He spoke Russian, German and French. He was a personal doctor of King Milan. Acta Medica Medianae 2006;45(2):85-86.

Key words: Laza K. Lazarevic, doctor, writer