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Acta Medica Medianae
Vol. 53, No 1, March, 2014

UDC 61
ISSN 0365-4478(Printed version)
ISSN 1821-2794(Online)


Correspondence to:

Momčilo Stošić

Vojvode Mišića 17

17500 Vranje, Srbija

E-mail: momcilostosic@gmail.com

Case report                                                 

UDC: 616-006-085.849.065:616.34-007.272



  Radiation enteritis as a cause of intestinal obstruction – case reports

 Momčilo Stošić



Departmant of Surgery, Health Centre Vranje Serbia


The role of the radiation therapy in the treatment of pelvic cancer becomes increasingly important because of its positive effects. It is particularly evident in the treatment of prostate cancer, certain stages of some gynecological cancers, as well as before and / or after rectal cancer surgery. It also produces negative effects of which the most common are post-irradiation cystitis, enteritis and colitis. As a consequence of the radiation changes on the intestines, ileus may develop as one of the gravest complications.

The total number of patients operated in our ward because of the post-irradiation ileus by a single surgeon is seven during the period of twenty years. The aim of this paper is to present two characteristic cases out of the seven operated patients regarding the fact that general conclusions cannot be drawn for all seven of them. By selection of references, we would like to point to the importance of particular protective, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures i.e. of various surgical options. Acta Medica Medianae 2014;53(1):42-46.


      Key words: post-irradiation enteritis, ileus