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Acta Medica Medianae
Vol. 50, No 3, September, 2011

UDK 61
ISSN 0365-4478(Printed version)
ISSN 1821-2794(Online)


Correspondence to:

Bojan Stošić

Predraga Vasića 16

11140 Belgrade, Serbia

E-mail: dr_stosic@yahoo.com

Case report                                           


UDC: 616.12-008.331.1:616-002.78:613.2.03




HYPERTENSION CAUSED WITH URIC ACID – therapeutical modalities


Bojan Stošić1 and Ivana Tufegdžić2



Medical Department of Nikinci Testing Ground, Tehnical Test Centre, Serbian Armed Forces1

Centre for Pathology and Forensic Medicine, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, Serbia2




The paper presents a patient who was first diagnosed with hypertension just a few days before developing gout. Hypertension occurred along with the hyperuricemia last year after curing the patient of gout. Hyperuricemia was initially symptomatic and manifested as gout; later it was without its specific symptoms but was always associated with hypertension. Just a month after correction of the patient’s previous diet, the levels of uric acid and blood pressure were normal or at pre-hypertensive values. Our case supports the concept of the predictive role of uric acid in the genesis of essential hypertension and emphasizes the application of an adequate diet in the therapy of some forms of hypertension. Acta Medica Medianae 2011;50(3):49-53.


      Key words: hyperuricemia, hypertension, gout, diet