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Acta Stomatologica Naissi is a scientific journal of the University of Niš, Faculty of Medicine and Clinic of Dental Medicine, which publishes articles relevant to the science and practice of Stomatology in general and related areas.
Please read carefully the following instructions to authors prior to manuscript preparation and submission. Papers which are not prepared according to the propositions and instructions will be returned to authors for corrections before forwarding them to reviewers. In case of unacceptable articles only illustrations will be returned.

Acta Stomatologica Naissi publishes editorials, original scientific or clinical articles, review articles, preliminary reports, case reports, technical innovations, letters to the editor, articles from up-to-date literature, book reviews, reports and presentations from national and international congresses and symposiums which have not been previously submitted for publication elsewhere. All submitted articles will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers, and when appropriate, by a statistical reviewer. Authors will be notified of acceptance, rejection, or need for revision within 6 weeks of submission. Articles are not paid for.

All submitted articles should be written in bilingual (Serbian and English) language. Abstracts should be written in Serbian and precise and grammatically correct English language, preferably US English. Avoid using Latin terms; however if necessary, put them in parentheses.

When reporting experiments on human subjects, indicate whether the procedures followed were in accordance with the ethical standards of the responsible committee on human experimentation (institutional or regional) or with the Helsinki Declaration (1964, amended in 1975 and 1983) of the World Medical Association.


Articles should be written on A4 white bond paper size (21x 29.5cm) on one side of the paper only, and double-spaced (including illustration legends and references) providing 25 mm ample margins all around. Only one copy of the manuscript should contain the surname and the author’s first name initial in the upper right corner. Manuscripts should be organized as follows: Title Page, Abstract and Key words, Introduction, Patients/Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, References, Figure, Legends, Tables. Title page is numbered as page 1, and all other pages should be numbered consequently.

The title page should contain: a) the full title of the article (in upper case); b) first name, middle initial, and last name of each author without the academic degree; c) name of department and institutional affiliation for each author; d) running title of no more than 10 characters. At the bottom of the page, please indicate the name, academic degree and address (including E-mail, telephone and fax number) of the author responsible for correspondence.
Abstract and Key words
All original abstracts should be submitted with a structured abstract, consisting of no more than 250 words, and the following 4 paragraphs:
Background: Describes the problem being addressed.
Material and Methods: Describes how the study was performed.
Results: Describes the primary results.
Conclusion: Reports what authors have concluded from these results, and notes their clinical implications.
Key words: A maximum of 5 key words drawn from MeSH documentation. Abstract should be translated into English (US style), with the title, name(s) of author(s), institutional affiliation and key words.
To write papers in the form of a case report, a structured abstract should be done, as follows:
Basis of the problem: (describe the problem or occurrence in a few sentences),
Methods of work: (describe how the patient was treated and diagnosed and which disease or disorder is in question),
Results: (describe the results of the work and the final outcome),
Conclusion: (1-3 sentences that can also serve as a description of the whole procedure that was done and written in the paper).

Each table with a brief title (on Serbian and English) should be typed double-spaced on a separate sheet of paper. Number tables consecutively (with Arabic numbers) in the order of their first citation in the text. Give each column a short or abbreviated heading. Place explanations in legends of all nonstandard abbreviations which are used in table. For units and measurements see paragraph below. Do not use internal horizontal and vertical rules. Place all tables at the end of your file. Always separate the individual columns using tabulators, not using space bar, i.e. tables must be in text format. Line drawings diagrams and halftone illustrations (photographs, photomicrographs, etc.) should be designated as figures. They should be listed on separate sheet and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals according to the order in which they have been first cited in the text. Figures should be professionally drawn (not simply typewritten) and photographed. Each figure should be labeled on its back indicated the number of the figure, last name and the first letter of the author, and the topside of the figure. Photographs should be supplied in two copies. Color photographs are published only in case if author himself bears expenses. Photomicrographs must have internal scale markers, and symbols, arrows or letters should contrast with the background. Photographs of patients must conceal their identity unless patients approve the publishing of the photograph in written form. If you borrow or use already published photographs please submit a written permission for reproduction. Permission is not required for the documents in the public domain. Figures will not be returned unless requested. Captions and detailed explanations of the figures should be given in the legends. If symbols, arrows, numbers, or letters are used to identify parts of the figure identity and explain each one clearly in the legend.

Acknowledgements are positioned before the reference list specifying general support by department chairman, acknowledgements of technical as well as financial and material support.

Authors are responsible for accuracy of literature data. References should be listed in a separate section immediately following the text. Only references important for the study should be cited. It is necessary to apply Vancouver style. Author should consult Index Medicus for standard abbreviations of journal titles. References should be numbered consecutively in the order they appear in the text and in text these references should be found by that superscript number. Examples of references are given bellow:


  1. Standard journal reference. (Note: list all authors if six or less; when seven or more, list only first three and add et al): Glass DA, Mellonig JT, Towle HJ. Histologic evaluation of bone inductive proteins complexed with coralline hydroxyapatite in an extraskeletal site of the rat. J Periodontol 1989;60:121‡125.  
  2. Corporate author: Federation Dentaire Internationale. Technical Report No.28. Guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis of infective endocarditis for dental patients with cardiovascular disease. Int Dent J 1987;37:235.
  3. No author given: Coffee drinking and cancer of the pancreas (editorial). BMJ 1981;283:628
  4. Volume with supplement: Magni R, Rossoni G, Berti R, BN52021 protect guinea pig from heart anaphylaxis. Pharmacol Res Commun 1988; 20 Suppl 5:75‡8.

Books or other monographs:

  1. Personal author(s): Tullman JJ, Redding SW. Systemic Disease in Dental Treatment. St. Louis: The CV Mosby Company; 1983:1‡5.
  2. Chapter in a book: Rees TD. Dental management of the medically compromised patient. In: McDonald RE, Hurt WC, Gilmore HW, Middleton RA, eds. Current Therapy in Dentistry, vol. 7. St. Louis: The CV Mosby Company; 1980:3‡7.
  3. Dissertations and thesis: Teerakapong A. Langerhans Cells in human periodontally healthy and diseased gingiva. (Thesis). Houston, TX: University of Texas; 1987.92 p.

Other published material:

  1. Newspaper article: Shaffer RA.Advances in chemistry are starting to unlock mysteries of the brain. Yhe Washington Post 1989 Ang 7; Sect.A:2 (col.5).

References-electronic quotations:

  1. Online journals without volume and page information. Berlin JA , Antman EM. Advantages and limitations of metaanalytic regressions of clinical trials data. Online J Curr Clin Trials (serial online). June 4; doc 134. Accessed July 20, 2000.
  2. Online journals with volume and page information.Fowler EB, Breault LG. Ridge augmentation with a folded acellular dermal matrix allograft: A case Report. J Contemp Dent Pract (serial online). 2001;2(3):31-40. Available from: Procter&Gamble Company, Cincinnat, OH. Accessed December 15, 2001.
  3. World Wide Web.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Preventing emerging infectious diseases: Addressing the problem of antimicrobial resistance. Available at: Accessed November 5, 2001.   

All measurements should be reported in terms of the International System of Units (SI)

Avoid abbreviations in the text but whenever possible use standard abbreviations. However, if nonstandard abbreviations are used, the full term of which and abbreviation stands for should precede its first use in text. Names of symptoms, signs and diseases, as well as anatomic and histologic characteristics cannot be abbreviated.

The corresponding authors of all types of articles except letters, news and book reviews will receive 1 offprint free of charge. Additional offprints are to be paid and should be ordered when returning the proof. A photocopy of any article may be obtained at the price of 5 EUR.

Footnotes should be used only to identify author affiliation; to explain symbols in tables and illustrations. Use the following symbols: #,†,*,#,$ etc.

Send 3 hard copies of the article and its electronic version (diskette, CD-ROM, e-mail). Copies of the articles and all enclosures should be enclosed in hard envelopes to prevent damage during mail handling. Articles must be accompanied by a covering letter signed by all authors. This must include: a) a statement that the article has been read and approved by all authors b) information on prior or duplicate publication or submission elsewhere any part of the work as defined earlier c) statement of financial or other relationships which might lead to a conflict interest d) the name, address and telephone number of the corresponding author who is responsible for communication and correspondence, e) statement that clinical or experimental researches have been performed in accordance with the institutional ethic committee or with Helsinki declaration. So, the letter should contain information about the kind of article, and whether authors pay extra cost for color reproductions.

Submission address:
Acta Stomatologica Naissi
ASS. Simona Stojanović, DDM
Milos Tijanić, DDM Phd
Clinic of Dental Medicine
 52 Dr Zoran Djindjić Blvd
18000 NIŠ

Submitting materials directly to any other editor or member of editorial board will delay the review process.

Storage medium:  CD-ROM Windows XP or higher format. Software: Articles on disk should be in Word for Windows. Labels: Write the first authors name on the disk label, along with the name and version of the word processor used. Label all containing figures etc, with the first authors name, the file name, format and compression schemes (if any) used. Files: Submit the text and tables of each article as a single file, but place all figures, charts etc., in separate files. Allowed graphic formats are EPS and TIF. Size of the figures should be either 8,5 cm or 18,0 cm in resolution of minimum 300 dpi. Please send original photographs, do not send photocopies. Format: Input your text continuously, only insert hard returns at the end of paragraphs or headings, subheadings lists, etc. Do not use page layout software. Please use Times New Roman (font 12) for Word for Windows. Any words or phrases in the text that you wish to emphasize should be indicated throughout the paper in italic script. Boldface type that should be used in the running text for certain mathematical symbols, e.g. vectors. Note: Please virus check the disk and verify that it contains the correct file.

Authors should submit their revised articles, including table and figure legends, on a CD- rom or e-mail adress. Return the revised article and accompanying materials to the address of secretariat.

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