About the study program



Integrated academic studies of medicine for the academic title Doctor of Medicine last for 6 years or 12 semesters of teaching and learning in the forms as follows:

  • Lectures,
  • Practice,
  • Other forms of active teaching (seminars, round tables, consultations),
  • Summer professional practice, clinical practical teaching and student research work in the preparation of final, graduation paper.

The ratio of individual teaching forms is defined in accordance with the planned study program outcomes. The total number of classes in the curriculum of this study program is 5515, out of which 4635 active teaching classes (2130 classes of theory, and 2505 of practice and other forms of active teaching. Summer professional practice and clinical practical teaching are organized with the total of 880 classes.


Total student workload (active teaching plus student individual learning) is expressed in 360 ECTS credits. One ECTS credit, on the average, reflects the student workload of 27 hours.


ECTS credit system implementation has been done in accordance with the non-modular system (each course may have different number of ECTS credits, given that the total number of ECTS credits per academic year is 60). The number of credits per each course is defined related to the specific tasks to be accomplished by the student reaziling learning aims and outcomes. Per each course, the teaching activities relevant for the realization of learning aims and outcomes are defined, so that the total student workload reflects the number of assigned ECTS credits. ECTS credits are earned upon successful completion of the final exam.


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