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Table of Contents for
June 2011 • Volume 27 • Number 63


  1Radmila R. Obradović,
1Ljiljana G. Kesić,
1Ana N. Pejčić,
1Milica S. Petrović,
2Nikola D.Živković,
3Dušan M. Živković

1uniVersitY OF niŠ, MediCal FaCultY, dental CliniC, dePartMent FOr Oral MediCine and PeriOdOntOlOGY, niŠ, serbia,
2uniVersitY OF niŠ, MediCal FaCultY, institute OF PathOlOGY, niŠ, serbia,
3uniVersitY OF PriŠtina, MediCal FaCultY, CliniC OF restOratiVe dentistrY and endOdOnCY, kOsOVska MitrOViCa, serbia


Background. Owing to the increasing longevity of the population and the growing prevalence of diabetes dental practitioners treat frequently patients with this disease. Diabetes mellitus has been related to numerous oral complications such as Candida albicans which is the commonest species that harbor in the oral mucosa of diabetic patients. The highest rate of colonization occurs in diabetic patients with poor glycemic control.
The aim of the study was to examine the frequency of oral candidiasis.
Material and Methods. 150 patients participated in the sudy: 50 patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 were the first, 50 patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 were the second and 50 non-diabetic patients were the third group. Status of oral hygiene, periodontal condition, the presence/absence of teeth and dentures were recorded for each individual participating in the study. During dental check up, information about oral candidiasis during previous five years were collected. Oral candidiasis had been diagnosed on the basis of both clinical assessment and laboratory identification of Candida species.
Results. Analysis showed that the oral candidiasis presence and dry mouth sensation were significantly smaller in the control group (p<0.001).
Conclusion. The oral candidiasis is significantly more frequent in diabetic patients compared to the non-diabetic subjects. Further investigation and follow-up of the diabetic patients is necessary, in order to clarify the role of Candida species as a diagnostic factor for diabetes mellitus and a significant cause of illness among these sensitive group of individuals.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, oral candidiasis, dry mouth

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